NWV Not Taking the Michael (anymore)

Not Taking the Mike

The North Wirral Velo Committee have issued an official statement to the press as follows:

“Following on from the recent increase of new members called Michael, the Committee have deemed it too impractical to let anyone else join the club who is called Michael.  

This follows on from from a ride last week where 3 of the participants were referred to as ‘Mike’.  It was all very confusing, especially when we got to the coffee and stop and ordered food/drinks and were asked to give a name.  It was incredibly difficult for the lady serving us to get her head round why so many of these good looking lycra clad gents are all called Mike.

Furthermore, the club is almost full of people called ‘Chris’ and we want to mitigate any future issues with there being a plethora of Chris’s too. Therefore, it is to be written into the club constitution that any prospective member of the club who happens to be called Michael or indeed Chris, must come up with a suitable pseudonym that they are happy to be referred to.  At the time of writing we have openings for the folliowing names:

Qui-Gon Jinn

Please understand that the North Wirral Velo does not and will no discriminate against any name, it just confuses the hell out of the senior members of the club.

The North Wirral Velo Committee
1st July 2018″

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