About Us

Looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, social cycling club on the Wirral?
(or anywhere else for that matter)

 The North Wirral Velo is a cycling club for all based on the Wirral. We organise anything up to four rides  a week and partake in sportives and charity events.  Some members race on the road and track, and we have social events too.

We are affiliated to British Cycling No 112962.

Our history

Founded in the early 1950’s, the club has had many variations in membership and jersey design.  Primarily a road racing club, it organised (and won) road races on the Wirral.

The club folded in the 1960’s but was reformed in 1979.  It enjoyed great racing successes throughout the 80’s and in the early 90’s Chris Boardman brought many sponsors on board and the NWV-Kodak racing team was formed.  Chris went on to break the World Hour Record in Velo colours before turning professional.

The club again lapsed in 1999, but was reformed in July 2017 with new jerseys, new members (as well as some of the older original ones) and fantastic support from Irvings Law, without who we wouldn’t have got going again as quickly or successfully.

Join the club

If you like to ride on the Wirral and beyond, please contact us to join us.  Even if you don’t ride, but still want to be involved in the club, then why not become a social member!

Contact us

Email hello@nwvcycling.club and we will send you all the details.

The Committee
on behalf of the North Wirral Velo Cycling Club